A YouTuber with fewer than 50,000 subscribers said he ‘fooled the internet’ with a fake photo of Amber Heard and a ‘mega pint’ of wine

A photo of Amber Heard (left) and a photo of the woman in the video (right)

The photo spread on Twitter after it was posted on the platform and received 2,900 tweets with quotes.Steve Helber/Getty Images and rating on YouTube

  • A YouTuber called “Classify” posted a video titled “I Fooled the Internet With A Fake Amber Heard.”

  • The YouTuber said he asked a woman who looked like Heard to pose with a large glass of wine.

  • The photo spread on Twitter after the YouTuber asked a popular influencer to share it.

A YouTuber said he was “fooling” people with a fake photo of Amber Heard next to a giant glass of wine, in a video posted on June 21.

The YouTuber, who normally posts vlogs and joke videos, is nicknamed “Classify” on social media, and his real name is unknown. He said in his video, which has now been viewed 11,000 times, that he asked a woman who looked like Amber Heard to pose for a photo with a wine glass so he could try to make it go viral on social media.

The image referenced a moment from Heard’s libel lawsuit against Johnny Depp when one of Heard’s attorneys asked Depp if he’d had a “mega pint of red wine,” which sparked online jokes and became known as the “mega pint” meme

After the image was posted online by the YouTuber’s friend, it spread on Twitter and received 57,000 likes. While many people said they thought the photo wasn’t actually of Heard, some people seemed to believe it and re-shared the image on their timelines.

Here’s how the YouTuber said he filmed the prank.

The YouTuber said he asked a woman who looked like Amber Heard to pose for a photo

In March 2019, Depp sued Heard for defamation after a In 2018 she wrote that she had been abused, whom Depp did not mention by name. Heard filed a $100 million counterclaim. On June 1, 2022, a jury found both parties liable for defamationwith Depp awarding $15 million in damages and Heard $2 million.

The trial captivated social media users, with Depp becoming the clear favorite to win early on. Some people mocks Heard and her supporters onlineand others spread misinformation and unfounded rumors about the actor and her legal team

Amber heard

Amber Heard testifies at her defamation trial with Johnny Depp.ICHAEL REYNOLDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

In its video, “Classify” said: “Social media is known as the source of fake news and we’ve seen how easily the public is tricked into thinking things are true. So we decided to make our own news and believe you.” into the impossible.”

He went on to claim that he had connected with a woman named Kseniia Dubovitz, who was “a lot like Amber” on social media.

He then said he asked her to pose with a glass of wine as part of his prank. “We thought, ‘How crazy would it be if Amber Heard is seen in Hollywood drinking her own mega pint of wine,'” he said in the video.

In a statement to Insider, Dubovitz confirmed she was in the video and said she had no “bad” intentions, adding: “I’m quite open to new fun stuff, so when the guy hooked up with me, I thought that it would be fun.”

The video showed the YouTuber taking photos of a blonde woman wearing sunglasses and sitting at a table with a glass of red wine.

At one point in the video, the YouTuber said they were moving to a “location where celebrities have been known to have lunch in LA,” when a person on a tour bus with a TMZ logo on it, who looked like a tourist, could be heard yelling. : “Amber, how are you?” toward the group.

The YouTuber said he had asked a bigger influencer to join in and showcase the fake image

In the video, “Classify” said he asked a popular YouTuber known as FaZe Blaze, who has 3.3 million subscribers and is part of the controversial esports collective FaeZ Clanto share the image of his Amber Heard look-a-like on Twitter.

FaZe Blaze, whose real name is Lucas Mosing, Posted an image of a blonde woman holding a large glass of wine on Twitter on June 11, reading, “Crazy LA moment. My girl and I ran into Amber Heard at lunch.”

The image now has 57,000 likes and 2,900 quote tweets, with some people to appear until to believe the image was legit. Some of these people seemed to mock Heard by referring to the “mega pint” meme, while one person said they thought the actor looked “stressed out” in the picture.

Other users seemed to believe the photo was of Heard, but was taken without her “permission,” and these users criticized Mosing for sharing the image on his timeline.

While some people believed the stunt, many people on Twitter said they thought the photo was fake

“Classify” said the photo was “100% fake” in his video, and filmed himself chatting with a man he said was Mosing during a video call about the number of likes and impressions the prank tweet had. received.

“It’s actually bizarre how many people have fallen for you. I actually can’t believe how few people have called the BS,” said the man who appeared to be Mosing in the video.

But on June 12 a lot users called the woman in the photo a “random” person, who said they didn’t believe the statue was of Heard. A Twitter user said she “reported” Mosing’s tweet for sharing “misleading” information and encouraged other people to report the tweet as well. The user’s tweet has 62 likes.

Representatives of Amber Heard, Lucas Mosing and “Classify” did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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