Reminder that wildlife still likes to roam the town of Twin Falls

Because we live in a city, we sometimes forget that there are still wildlife around us. It is normal to come across a variety of animals in the city such as cats and dogs. Even larger wildlife still likes to visit the city.

Courtney Salmon

Courtney Salmon

Deer seen in the middle of the road

It’s not uncommon to see deer outside of town, but here at the radio station we had two deer wandering through our property, to the middle of the road, and loitering. The deer managed to cross the road without incident. They continued in the subdivision of housing. They like to come through Rock Creek. Watch out for deer.

Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game

moose loose

Just over the weekend, there were reports of two moose on Hwy 30. They were walking through neighborhoods and around other people’s property. They are more foreboding than deer because moose can be incredibly aggressive. Idaho Fish and Game got a call and we hope they decided to wander back to the South Hills.

Moose are not common, but they are not unheard of. Just a few years ago, a moose was spotted in the middle of a park in Twin Falls. It was a yearling, he was probably lost, and he ventured to safety.

Mountain lion climbs tree in Boulder’s backyard

USFWS Mountain-Prairie // Wikimedia Commons

Mountain Lions Everywhere

Mountain Lions and Cougars are much more common in the Kimberly area, but they have also been in Twin Falls. Be sure to keep an eye out in the middle of the night if you have small pets.

Even farm animals hang out in the city

It’s not unheard of to hear about goats, cows and pigs going out and roaming the city. At one point, in Boise, hundreds of goats were sitting in the middle of a culde bag. They were sent back. Nothing like that has happened here to that extent, but there have been cows that had to be argued and horses returned.

In the grand scheme of things, we live in a civilized, human-controlled city. That said, we are still trying to live in a habitat that originally belonged to these animals. Seeing them in town can happen. Make sure to keep your distance, call the authorities when necessary and try not to pet them.

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