A US carrier and a few ships carrying F-35 stealth fighters operate near Taiwan amid Chinese warnings: report

The USS Ronald Reagan crosses the San Bernardino Strait, July 30

The USS Ronald Reagan sails through the San Bernardino Strait on July 30. The Reagan is one of three ships operating in Taiwanese waters amid heightened warnings from China.US Navy

  • According to USNI News, a US aircraft carrier and two ships carrying F-35s are operating near Taiwan.

  • The ships are operating normally, but may linger as an unforeseen option, an official said.

  • The operations come amid renewed Chinese warnings about a possible Pelosi trip to Taiwan.

Three US Navy ships, an aircraft carrier and two amphibious assault ships with stealth fighters are operating in waters near Taiwan, as China doubles its warnings of a possible military response as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to visit Taiwan.

The three ships are the USS Ronald Reagan, the only forward-facing aircraft carrier, USS America, and USS Tripoli, according to a USNI News report.

The Reagan, which is based in Japan, operates in the Philippine Sea next recent operations in the South China Sea. America is in the East China Sea, and the Tripoli is just south of Okinawa, the defense outlet reported, pointing to the USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker.

The Tripoli is carrying as many as 20 Marine Corps F-35Bs, reportedly as part of an evaluation of the Marine Corps’ “lightning carrier” concept, looking at expanding the U.S. carrying capacity with amphibians equipped with F-35s. . The America, which has been a test platform for the same concept, regularly sails the short take-off and vertical landing variant of the fifth-generation fighter. Ronald Reagan’s air wing consists of F/A-18s.

The US ships are conducting normal operations in the area and are not being deployed as troopships amid mounting tensions between the US and China over Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan, a Pentagon spokesman told USNI News.

That said, a senior defense official told the outlet that the ships and planes can remain in the area if needed for an unforeseen event. The Associated Press reported last week that US military makes plans should an incident occur.

On Monday, China reiterated its warning of possible military action if Pelosi visits Taiwan as part of her Asia trip.

“The Chinese side has recently expressed its grave concern and solemn position to the US side that it strongly opposes the visit of Parliament Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan, and emphasized that her visit to Taiwan will have serious consequences,” said Zhao. Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. , said Monday.

Lijian added that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army “will never sit still” Doubling China’s Warnings of Possible Military Action. It is unclear what a Chinese response could be.

China considers Taiwan part of Chinese territory and has said it sees Pelosi’s visit as a show of support for the independence of the self-ruled democratic island, which China says is unacceptable.

Pelosi and a delegation of only Democrats arrived in Singapore today, and while Pelosi has not confirmed whether she will travel to Taiwan, CNN reported Monday that: she is expected to arrive in Taipei as early as Tuesday evening.

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