Alex Jones and his media company have a net worth of up to $270 million, the forensic economist testifies, saying the conspiracy theorist made money from “hate speech”

Alex Jones.

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  • Alex Jones and his media company Free Speech Systems have a net worth of up to $270 million, a forensic economist testified.

  • “He’s a very successful man,” forensic economist Bernard Pettingill said of Jones.

  • Sandy Hook parents who sued Jones over his false “hoax” claims about the massacre are suing him for damages.

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the parent company that operates his Infowars website have a net worth of up to $270 million, a forensic economist testified in a Texas court on Friday.

The combined assets of Jones and his media company Free Speech Systems – that filed for bankruptcy protection last week — is estimated between $135 million and $270 million, forensic economist Bernard Pettingill said during his Sandy Hook libel lawsuit against Jones.

“As much as he is an outcast, he is also an outsider, he is a very successful man,” Pettingill said of Jones, comparing the broadcaster to 13th-century Mongol warrior Genghis Khan.

The forensic economist also estimated Jones’ personal net worth between $70 million and $140 million.

“You can’t separate Alex Jones from the company — he’s the company,” Pettingtill told the court.

“He didn’t ride a wave, he created the wave,” Pettingill told the court, explaining he believes Jones is a “revolutionary.”

Pettingill testified that Jones “proclaimed some hate speech and some misinformation, but he made a lot of money and made money doing it.”

Jon was held liable for libel by default by the Texas court and a Connecticut court for falsely claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a “hoax.”

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis — the parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, who was one of 26 killed in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre — sued Jones, the founder of Infowars and Free Speech Systems, for defamation of his falsehoods about the mass shooting.

On Thursday, a jury awarded Heslin and Lewis more than $4 million in damages; now Jones faces additional punitive penalties for his repeated falsehoods.

Pettingill, who was hired by the plaintiffs to testify about Jones’ assets, told the court that he tracked Jones’ funds and found that Jones raised $165 million from September 2015 to December 2018.

“It’s an average of $53.2 million a year, but that’s the starting point,” Pettingill said, pointing to previous testimony in Jones case who told the court that Infowars brought in $70 million in revenue last year.

Pettingill testified that he discovered that Jones withdrew $61.9 million from Free Speech Systems in 2021 — the year the default sentences were issued against Jones.

“That number, in my opinion, represents a value, a value of Alex Jones’ net worth,” Pettingill said.

Pettingill said Jones withdrew an additional $18 million from Free Speech Systems over a three-year period from 2015 to 2018.

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