Jon Stewart tore up Rick Scott’s hypocrisy and it worked. Too bad it was necessary for that

Jon Stewart’s anger at Florida Sen. Rick Scott was palpable — and deserved.

Last week, in clear retaliation against Democrats for reaching a deal on an unrelated massive climate and economic bill, Republican senators reversed their votes and blocked the passing of legislation to help veterans who died during their military service. toxic substances from fire pits were exposed, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There were 25 Republican senators who changed sides on the PACT Act, including Scott. All had voted for the same bill the previous month. And they switched sides less than an hour after the Democratic deal on climate and taxes was announced.

It was the kind of move that, quite rightly, earns the contempt of politicians.

But it was Scott and a comment he tweeted that sparked some of Stewart’s greatest disdain.

Just before the vote, Scott tweeted a picture of himself creating care packages for military personnel, along with words of gratitude for the “sacrifice and service of the military to our nation” — then voted against the bill intended to help veterans fight diseases they believe are related keep up with their service.

It’s ‘cowardice’

During a nine minute tirade that went viral online, Stewart, an entertainer and activist, ripped him for it.

“And there’s a nice picture — I wish you could see it — it’s with a small package,” Stewart told reporters, his voice dripping with contempt as he stood in front of the Capitol after the vote.

He turned to the supporters of the bill behind him: ‘Did you get the package? I think there’s M&Ms in there, and some cookies, and some damp towels. I don’t know. Honestly I don’t know what to say, I’ve been coming here for 10-15 years. . . . I’m used to the lies. I’m used to the hypocrisy. . . . I’m used to the cowardice.”

Then he added, “I’m used to it all, but I’m not used to the cruelty.”

Republicans tried to say that the blocking of the bill was related to a dispute over what portion of the federal budget would fund $280 billion to spend more than 10 years on veteran health programs, and that the Democrats were trying to say something about the people. to shove.

In the end, that didn’t match reality. Republicans folded. The bill was passed on Tuesday, 86-11. Nothing has changed in that. Scott voted for it.

Florida’s other Republican senator Marco Rubio — who will be re-elected in November — voted for the bill each time. The PACT bill contains key portions of a veteran health bill that he and New York Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand introduced last year on burns and toxins.

Another tweet

We contacted Scott’s office to ask him about his flip-flop votes – for and against, then for the bill – but we were referred to, yes, one of the tweets from the senator“Our veterans sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms and keep us safe. I was proud to vote today in favor of the PACT Act, which provides critical funding and support to those exposed to toxic environments, such as fire pits, while on duty.”

Not an explanation, just a cover-up.

Scott is a veteran himself. He joined the Navy in 1970. Without his actual statement, we will give him the advantage of assuming that he sincerely believes that military veterans deserve the care that this bill will provide. But Stewart’s broad side was justified. It exposed the kind of hypocritical ambiguity that could make one question the values ​​of an elected official.

The Senate eventually approved the bill. That is amazing. Veterans who risk their lives for all of us need not worry about getting the care they need.

But Senator Scott, you shouldn’t have made it so difficult.

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